Social media is an excellent way for your business to communicate directly and focus on the customer. Active social content posting, videos, a company Instagram Story, contributed articles shared on LinkedIn. Industry research reports are examples of content marketing’s role in social media management. Posting lead-generating content across an array of channels raises awareness about your brand and the benefits of your products.

Social Media & Maintenance Scope 

  1. Confirm all profiles have been acquired and are controlled by your brand. 
  2. Update/Acquire Facebook Profile info and convert it to a business profile. 
  3. Update/Acquire Instagram Profile info and switch to a business profile. 
  4. Update/Acquire Google My Business Profile and other locations. 
  5. Update/Acquire YouTube Profile info and convert it to a business profile. 
  6. Update/Acquire any LinkedIn profiles and update info & branding.
  7. Respond to any reviews or questions left by followers and engage with your audience. 
  8. Setup referrer events in Analytics to analyze how social traffic engages with your website. 
  9. Update the Social Media profile links on your site. 
  10. Post consistent content that we plan out according to your buyer persona worksheet results.