Active social content creation, like white papers, a weekly company blog, contributed or guest posted articles, and industry research reports are beautiful examples of exactly what content marketing is. By positioning your company as an informative, authoritative source on topics or services your audience is interested in, you will earn trust and potential customers. 

Content Plan Outline

1. Find the most effective content

The initial step in developing your content marketing plan is asking what types of content you’re going to be publishing?  Some standard options are Blog Posts, E-Books, Landing pages, Podcasts, Videos, Social media posts, email newsletters. 

2. Find the best place to post at

Once you have your publishing schedule figured out, you need to decide how you’re going to promote the content you’ve created. You can choose one standard promotional program for every piece of content that you publish, or you can create different promotional schedules for each type of content. 

3. Determine the best posting frequency for your content

You don’t need to post all day. Being concise and compelling is a better model, we will use best practices to post effective content at the right time for maximum consumption by your audience. Knowing how often to post and when on any given network, is a smart way to think about your content marketing strategy.

You can post blogs and new content throughout all hours of the day. But, imagine knowing when the best time to promote is. Web analytics allows you to monitor web traffic based on the time of day, providing you with the data needed to determine the ideal time to announce a promotion.

This data can also determine when a new post will get the highest amount of views. When used correctly, analytics can increase traffic and drive engagement.

4. Content creation calendar development

We use the best tools to create content, but we need a plan, we use a content calendar to schedule content and know what we need to publish and when. Using a content calendar will give our content creation team time to plan and create good, remarkable content.