SEO Best Practices for Small Business

by | Jul 15, 2020 | SEO

If you’re not following the best practices for SEO, you may be losing business. Here are some simple yet effective SEO tips for your small business website.

The most important part of a good SEO strategy is to include on-site SEO on every page. Content that is informative and consistent across all pages should get top rankings in the search engines.


Using Anchors Text Has its Limits for SEO

For anchors, don’t use them unless you know what you’re doing – it’s fine to use them, but don’t overuse them. It’s the little touches that will get you results. Most readers won’t notice the use of anchor text, but will quickly catch on if you add too many of them to each page.

Content Marketing and SEO


Article marketing is a proven way to build traffic to your website. But don’t go overboard on your articles and sub-domains.

Most businesses should use article directories to promote their site and increase on-site visibility. But you need to make sure the articles you submit to directories are unique and high quality. There’s no point in spending hundreds of dollars to pay for the listing, only to end up with duplicate content.

Local Citations are a quick SEO Win

When you’re about to submit a listing to local directories, it’s vital to consider submitting to as many relevant directories as possible. Once your local citations have been submitted to directories, keep them updated with the most relevant info about your company as well.

When directory submission is done properly, you’ll get dozens of new links pointing to your site. At the same time, you’ll build inbound links to your site. The end result is the same: better on-site visibility.

Every local business should submit to several directories. Doing so will help the local search engines find your business. This will also help your visitors find your site, which will improve your search engine rankings.


Link Building is Effective

Link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies. Make sure that your back links are relevant to your business.

It’s easy to forget that if you’re just starting out with a link building campaign, you’ll need to be a bit patient. A few weeks or months down the road, you’ll begin to see results.

The same goes for link building campaigns for larger websites – be patient. If you’re new to SEO, don’t be discouraged – it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

In Conclusion – SEO is Important for Your Small Business

As you build your business, you’ll soon learn how to use on-site SEO for your websites. Stay consistent and continue to follow the best practices for SEO.

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